Selected Families and Individuals


Adam Beamer Deavor

PROOF: A Brief History of the Deavor Family in America/Deavor, pg 22,23, 71-75;

NOTES: He was a shoemaker;

Jacob Deavor

-------His Will written Feb 25, 1840, Dublin Twp, Bed Co, PA;
------ "A Brief History of the Deavor Family in America"/Deavor, pg 10,22;
-------History of Huntingdon and Blair Counties, Pennsylvania by J.Simpson Africa published by Louis H. Everts of Philadelphia, PA in 1883.The township information starts on page 237. On the Jess Curfman farma school-house was erected before the introduction of the common-schoolsystem. Jacob Dever taught here. He resided near Cook's Station, and madea business of dressing deerskins.
-------He died at his son in laws, Vincent Stephens; He is buried inWinegardner's Cemetery, Taylor Twship, Fulton Co, PA.;
-------He was raised a Quaker Presbyterian but died as a Methodist,.

Vincent Stevens , Sr.

-------He was a Rev. War Patriot from Bedford County, PA (DAR Appl)Spring 1779, Spring 1780, Spring 1781, under Col Davison, Maj. Cluggage,Capt. Orelton, INDIAN SPY; Pension File #S22542; See "Bedford Co inthe Am. Rev." by james Whisker, pg 118.
-------Bible records;
------- "Soldiers of Blair County, Pa" by Hoenstein pg 48;
------- "History of Dauphin County, PA" by Kelker, Vol 3, pg 103,104;
-------Bedford County Pension File for Rev. War #S22542;
-------From SOLDIERS OF BLAIR COUNTY, p.48: Stevens, Vincent. Enlisted atShirleysburg, Spring of 1779, as a Private in Bedford County Militia andserved as a spy and guide: "We erected a Blockhouse at the Three Springsin Springfield Township, now Huntingdon County, families fled there andsome erected houses there...Indians killed some men under arms, nearUllery's Mill in Morrisons Cove and some other depredations that gavealarm so applicant had to get out a party... had to get out a party totake Capt. McGee into custody (he had taken his company to join theIndians against his own country supposed to be Kittaning town) but onbeing disappointed owing to some misunderstanding that took place intheir first interview, himself and men escaped narrowly and returned, butour party did not succeed and returned without finding him."
------Born 1745, near Baltimore, Maryland, moved to Plank Cabin Valley,Bedford County, in 1773, and resided in Dublin Township, Bedford Countyin 1833 (now Taylor Twp, Fulton Co, PA).
------ Year of death was determined 1843 or possibly before, as VincentStevens' federal and state pension payments stopped in Sept., 1843.Also, "Nellie Stevens, one time PA State librarian, in her D. A. R.application papers, gave 1843 as his year of his year of death, basedupon state pension payments."
-------- Bible record of Vincent Stevens, JR, states that VincentStevens SR died June 11, 1843.
--------Note [written by Thomas O. Horton, deceased: I am presently(1991) researching any possible links between our Vincent STEVENS, born"1745 near Baltimore," and Giles STEVENS of Gunpowder Hundred, BaltimoreCounty, MD, who migrated to Bedford County about 1771/1772 with otherfamilies, including WRIGHT, PICKETT, LOVEALL, CHILCOTT, and others. TheLANE family had land in Gunpowder Hundred before they migrated to BedfordCounty, PA about 1772/1773.
---------"To his son John CORBIN, Edwin CORBIN, Sr., left a 50-acre tracton Turkey Branch called "Rochester," which John in turn sold in 1778 to(his nephew?) Richard LANE, son of the Reverend Samuel LANE. The earlierhistory of this tract "Rochester" has not been traced, but in the early1800's there are deeds by four LANES selling parts of it -- in 1801 and1803 Abraham LANE (another son of Samuel and Jane CORBIN Lane) and wifeRachel sold 4 acres and 97 acres to John MITTEN; in 1807 John LANE ofFrederick County (probably another son of Samuel and Jane) sold part toRichard GORSUCH; in 1807 Mary LANE of Baltimore County sold part toRichard GORSUCH; and in 1807 Thomas LANE sold part to John LOGSDEN. Nodeeds appear to show how these LANES acquired their interest in"Rochester," and it is suggested that it was through a WILKINSON orCORBIN inheritance of their mother, Jane, the wife of Samuel LANE -living on which, possibly, Samuel and Jane spent the last years of theirlives."

Note: Thomas STAINES owned 12 acres of "Rochester" in 1783. Prior to1778, Edwin CORBIN owned 50 acres of "Rochester" which he willed to hisson John who sold it in 1778 to his sister's son Richard LANE. From whomdid Thomas and Sarah (Sally) STAINES acquire 12 acres of "Rochester" andwas it by purchase or inheritance? Was there a STAINES-CORBIN orSTAINES-LANE family connection as early as 1778 in Baltimore County, MD?There were family connections among their grandchildren in SpringfieldTownship, Huntingdon County, PA [e.g., Dutton LANE married (2) SarahSTAINS, daughter of Thomas O. and Prudence PERRIGO Stains, and many moresuch marriages]. We already know of WILKINSON-CORBIN and CORBIN-LANEmarriages in Baltimore County. Who were the parents of Thomas LANE andMary LANE who sold parts of "Rochester" in 1807 to LOGSDEN and GORSUCH?Kenyon Stevenson did not list Thomas and Mary as siblings of Richard."Two other strays with no identification of any sort are Mary LANE andThomas LANE, selling parts of "Rochester" in 1807 and possibly sister andbrother also."

Source: "Six deeds in Baltimore County, Md., seem to pertain to thisRichard" [nephew of John CORBIN].

1778 - Richard LANE from John CORBIN - "Rochester" 50 acres.
1779 - Richard LANE, land commissioner, to Joshua GIST - "Rochester" 50 a.
1794 - Richard LANE (of Samuel) from Chas CARROLL - "Rochester" 124 a.
1800 - Richard LANE (of Samuel) to Luther LOVEALL, part of "Rochester"near "Water Oak" and John CORBIN's land.
1801 - Richard LANE from John WILLIAMS - part of "I Will and I Will Not."
1810 - Richard LANE and Catherine, wife, to Isaac JONES - "I Will and IWill Not" and "Peter's Choice," near "Pontany's Desire."

A seventh land transaction, possibly of this same Richard, is the grantin 1812 of an 8-acre tract in Howard County called "Catey's Delight" to aRichard LANE.

1807 - John LANE of Frederick County deeds to Richard GORSUCH, parts of"Rochester" and "Peter's Home.

1807 - John and Thomas LANE deed to Richard GORSUCH and John MILLER, partof "Miller's Gain," near south bank of Patapsco Falls."

Note: It is quite interesting that in 1807 Thomas LANE, Mary LANE, andJohn LANE all sold parts of "Rochester" to Richard GORSUCH and JohnLOGSDEN. It suggests they shared part of the same inheritance, and JohnLANE was PROBABLY a son of Samuel and Mary CORBIN Lane. Were Thomas andMary additional siblings? This John LANE married Rebecca LOVEALL and/orElizabeth GORSUCH, according to Kenyon Stevenson. Rebecca LOVEALL orLOVELL was the daughter of Zebulon and Mary LOVELL of Baltimore County.Elizabeth GORSUCH was the daughter of Charles and Susannah GORSUCH.Kenyon Stevensons says that Charles' will, dated 1796, probated 1806,"leaves one shilling to my daughter Elizabeth Lane." John LANE marriedRebecca LOVEALL on November 4, 1771 in Baltimore County [source: KenyonStevenson].

Source: Harry Stuart Holman, History of Tonoloway Baptist Church (1980).Page 118.
"According to the census records, there were four STEPHENS familiesliving in Ayr Township. These households were under the care of VINCENT,BENJAMIN, Thomas and Abednego STEPHENS. Thomas died in 1807, but did nothave a son Daniel. There was a David STEPHENS who died in
1819 at the age of thirty-nine and was buried at Tonoloway."

Source: Harry Stuart Holman, History of Tonoloway Baptist Church (1980).Page 109.
"Sarah PITTMAN (wife of Joseph Pittman) may have been a STEPHENS. Thefamily lived in Ayr Township near the Pittmans (their land fell intoThompson Township). In 1800, there was a VINCENT STEPHENS living in AyrTownship with two daughters under the age of ten [1800 U.S. Census AyrTownship, Bedford County, Pa.]."

Note: Another source says she was Sarah HAUGER. How did the STEPHENStract come into her daughter Mary's possession?

Note: The 1800 Ayr Township census record of Vincent "Stephens" seems torefer to our Vincent STEVENS, as there was no other Vincent old enough tohave children (to my knowledge). [TOH]

Source: Huntingdon County, PA Abstracts of Wills. Volume IV, Page 40.
Giles STEVENS, late of Antis Township. Will dated 28 Dec 1835; 9 Nov1836. Names children: son Thomas, daughter Jemima, son Shadrack, sonJohn, daughter Rebecca, son William, son VINCENT, son Jabes, daughterElizabeth, daughter Sarah, son Mashak,; also mentions James HARRISON.Exr: son Thomas and David G. HUNTER. Witnesses: William McCauley, JohnVanScoyac.

Source: Huntingdon County, PA Abstracts of Wills. Volume IV, Page 41.
Letters testamentary granted to Thomas STEVENS and David G. HUNTER on theestate of Giles STEVENS, deceased. 9 Nov 1836.

Note: Giles STEVENS named a son Vincent. Was Giles a brother of ourVincent STEVENS, born 1745, near Baltimore? Giles STEVENS came up fromGunpowder Hundred, Baltimore County, MD about 1771.

Note: STEVENS, Vincent: b.1745,d.1843,m.x,pvt.PA.*

Source: DAR PATRIOT INDEX,vol.II, pg.647. National Society of theDaughters of the American Revolution, Mrs. George Upham Baylies,President General. Washington, DC 1979.

MILITARY: He was a Rev. War Patriot from Bedford County, PA (DARAppl)Spring 1779, Spring 1780, Spring 1781, under Col Davison, Maj.Cluggage, Capt. Orelton, INDIAN SPY; Pension File #S22542; See "BedfordCo in the Am. Rev." by james Whisker, pg 118.
PROOF: Bible records; "Soldiers of Blair County, Pa" by Hoenstein pg48;"History of Dauphin County, PA" by Kelker, Vol 3, pg 103,104;BedfordCounty Pension File for Rev. War.;
Mortgage, Apr. 15, 1784. Benjamin Stephens of Air Twp., Bedford Co., toAbednego Stephens of Bethel Twp., Bedford Co. Land: 300-acre tract in AirTwp., Bedford Co. Mortgage satisfied Aug. 06, 1806. (Source: Calendarof Transactions, Bedford County, Deed Book B, Register and Recorder'sOffice, Bedford County Courthouse, p. 66)

Mr. Stevens

-------"1783 Tax List - Baltimore County, MD. - Thomas STAINS owned partof a tract of land known as "BONDI FOREST", 47 acres in DELAWARE HUNDRED.It shows he had 1 free male and 7 white inhabitants. Also found inPIPE CREEK HUNDRED (next door to Delaware Hundred) is Thomas STAINESowning part of "ROCHESTER" - 12 acres. The fact that no males or femalesare listed suggest that Thomas STAINS of Delaware Hundred and ThomasSTAINES of Pipe Creek Hundred are the same person."
-------Robert W. Barnes, Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759 (Baltimore,Gen. Publ.Co.), p. 599. - "Thomas STAINES was in Balto. Co. by 31 March1739 when he purch. 50 a. Merryman's Adventure from Levin BUFKING; on22 March 1745 purch. 50 a. Turkey Cock Alley from Thomas and Mary WRIGHT;in April 1752 he and w. Sarah conv. 50 a. Turkey Cock Alley toThomas Cockey DEYE; in Feb. 1754 he and w. Sarah conv. 40 a.Warlerick and Tommy and Sally's Delight, to John WILMOT; in Nov.1756 was made levy free (75:203; 79:80; 81:355; 82:155)."

----------Deed, May 24, 1778. Benjamin Stephens (Also Steaphens) and hiswife Nancy of Air Twp.,to Abednego Stephens of the same place. Price: 300pounds PA currency. Land: A tract of land as it is surveyed and laid offcontaining about 250 acres, located on Licken Creek, Air Twp., bounded byRichard Stephens, Sr., on the east, John Earhart on the west (and dividedfrom the same by a line of notched and blazed trees), vacant land on thenorth, and a claim and improvement of said Benjamin Stephens on thesouth. Witnesses: James Gibson and John McClellan. (Source: DeedAbstracts, Bedford County, Book A, p. 264)

Deed, Dec. 24, 1773. Richard Stephon (also Stephens) of Air Twp., yeoman,to Obednego Stephon of the same place. Price: 400 pounds PA currency.Land: 250 or 260 acre-tract in Great Cove, Air Twp., adjoining JohnMcClenand, Thomas Armstrong, David Scott, William Alexander, and JamesGibson. Witnesses: Fras Reynolds, John McClellan, and James John.(Source: Deed Abstracts, Bedford County, Book A, p. 257)
------Thomas Stephen, Air Township, in a Will dated October 24, 1795 andproved February 10, 1807, Mentions his wife, Mary and children: Richard,Thomas, Samuel, Gemima, Mary, Sarah, Margaret, and the oldest- Levy.Executors were his wife, Mary, Thomas Stephen, Jr., and Levy (son).Witnesses to the Will were: Jacob Hart, Benjamin Steophen / Stephen.
A Codicil dated January 08, 1807 appoints his son, Richard as soleExecutor. Witnesses to this event were Benjamin Hart, Jacob Hart andWilliam Truax. Source: Bedford Co., PA Will Book #1, page 239
--------Will of Richard Stephens, written 17 May 1791. Wife: Peggy.Children: Thomas, Benjamin, Richard (deceased, his widow Mary to have hisshare), Abendnego, William, Hettie and Sara. Witnesses: Samuel Baxhtoland George Galloway. (Source: Unrecorded wills found in Bedford County,PA courthouse)
--------William Patterson, Esq., executor of the estate of RichardStevens, deceased, presented an account showing amount to be distributed.
(Source: Orphans Court Records, Bedford County, Pa., 20 Aug 1796.)

Benedict Stevens

----1795 - Shirley Twp, Hunt. Co, PA - STEVENS, Benadick: 227 acres; 1cow ; STEVENS, William: 300 acres; 2 horses; 2 cows

John Wadsworth

-----Genealogical Dictionary, of First settlers of New England, volume 4,p380, shows Ruth is his daughter; pg 380 says he died in 1718, and givehis wife's death date also;
-----"The Stanley Family of America"/Israel P. Warren, pg 31 and pg 44,shows ELIZABETH STANLEY, daughter of John Stanley,2 and grandaughterof John Stanley 1. Youngest daughter of Captain John and his secondwife Sarah (Stoddard) Stanley, born November 28, 1672; Elizabeth wasmarried August 20, 1696, to John Wadsworth, grandson of the firstWilliam, born in 1662, and died in 1718. John Wadsworth's wife diedSept. 11, 1713, after which he married second Mrs. Mary (Humphries)Gridley, who had been the second wife of Samuel Wadsworth. His estate wasvalued at his death at œ857 4s. od. pg 44 shows daughter RuthWadsworth and her birthdate.

Joseph Daver

PROOF: Deed dated Oct 21,1795 for land in Path Valley, Fannett Twship,Franklin Co, PA.; His Will names second wife, and children, datedApril 26, 1824; A Brief History of the Deavor Family inAmerica/Deavor, pg 8,9,10;

NOTES: He had 8 children with first wife, 1 daughter by second wife;

Joseph Daver

PROOF: Deed dated Oct 21,1795 for land in Path Valley, Fannett Twship,Franklin Co, PA.; His Will names second wife, and children, datedApril 26, 1824; A Brief History of the Deavor Family inAmerica/Deavor, pg 8,9,10;

NOTES: He had 8 children with first wife, 1 daughter by second wife;